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  • Locations de salles
  • Randonnées et activités ludiques avec ânes bâtés
  • Week-ends et séjours touristiques en gîte, chambre ou studio
  • Stages d'équitation pour ados
  • Balades et randonnées à cheval pour tous : enfants, adultes, familles
  • Canoë kayak sur la rivière Aude, descente libre pour tous ou accompagnée pour les groupes

Green and sustainable tourism in southfrance cathar country Carcassonne

We've been practicing green tourism for over 10 years :

  • We are in the countryside, but only 2/3 km from the nearest bus/train station (Quillan <> Carcassonne) (moreover, all journeys will cost just 1€ from spring 2012!);
  • The nearest village is 2km, with a butchers, a grocer's selling bread, a post-office...
  • We propose environment-friendly activities: riding, cycling, walking with a donkey...
  • Lots of different itineraries start from Pommayrac, with no need to use your car;
  • The restaurant next door 'Auberge de Pommayrac' uses local meats and vegetables;
  • Our nearest neighbours have beehives, cattle or produce organic wine and grapejuice.

We also stress the necessity to save water, energy and reduce waste with the children and teenagers we host during the holiday.

What else ?

  • We use rainwater to water the plants and for the horses;
  • Renovation of the rooms and gîtes with stone, clay, lime…;
  • Wooden chairs and table are "FSC" (Forest Stewardship Council);
  • No swimming pool because nothing beats swimming in rivers;
  • Recycling is done on site...

Logo du label environnemental et tourisme durable Clef verteWe got the eco-label "Clef verte" (green key) in 2012. 

More information (in French) :

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