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  • Stages d'équitation pour ados
  • Balades et randonnées à cheval pour tous : enfants, adultes, familles
  • Week-ends et séjours touristiques en gîte, chambre ou studio
  • Locations de salles
  • Randonnées et activités ludiques avec ânes bâtés
  • Canoë kayak sur la rivière Aude, descente libre pour tous ou accompagnée pour les groupes

All the family


Family activities :

- Walking with a saddled donkey, either in a treasure hunt, or to go swimming in the river, or discovering the flora surrounding Pommayrac... The donkey carries the pic-nic and towels, or can be saddled for a small child. It's a real pleasure for young and old to hold the lead, talk to the donkey when he seems afraid of going on... We have several itinerarie you can choose from.

- Canoe in Couiza, if your children can swim (life jackets and helmet provided). 

- Horse or pony ride (9 years+), guided by an instructor. You will help prepare your horse, feed it, and bring it back to the paddock when you're back.

- In July, there are activities for all ages, half- or full-day. Pony games for the young children (4+), horse rides for adults and teenagers (separately or together). Parents can leave their kids to us during the day and enjoy a nice visit in the area, or a longer hike, or... a wine tasting maybe?



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